Let us repair your Dead Macbook Logic Board with a 1 year warranty, at a fraction of the time and cost of a replacement via Apple.

If your Macbook has suddenly failed or it has been accidentally dropped or liquid damaged, we are able to repair it.

Our company employs a dedicated team of specialist electronics engineers who only work on Macbook Logic Boards, so our ability to fault find and diagnose logic board problems succeeds that of typical Apple Engineers. Our repairs are carried out in our tailor made Macbook Laboratory in West Yorkshire with unique tools and dedicated software.

We are passionate and experienced in performing some of the worlds most complex type of logic board rework and micro-soldering to a component level.

From corrosion caused by spillages/liquid damage to sudden death and no light on the charger. We repair all issues and problems that you may experience with your Macbook. Best of all, it is all backed with our 1 year warranty.

Here are a few examples of the typical kind of repairs we perform:

Dead Macbook Pro A1708 2017 Logic Board (820-00840)
There was no response from the charger, the Macbook was totally dead. Using our tools we noticed the Logic Board was not allowing the charging adapter to input 20v required to initialise the boot sequence. Upon inspection under a microscope there was traces of corrosion. We discovered that the CD3215C00 IC was shorting as a result of the corrosion. The IC was replaced and the Macbook powers and works fine for a fraction of the cost of a replacement logic board at just £149.

Dead Liquid Damaged Macbook Air 2015 A1466 Logic Board (820-00165-A)
This Macbook was working fine one day and all of a sudden it just died. The client took the Macbook to the local Apple Store and was informed that it has been subject to moisture damage and it is not covered in the warranty they offer. A replacement board would cost as much as another Macbook, so they found us online. We received the Macbook and within 10 minutes of inspecting the Logic Board, our engineer discovered that RXXX was burnt out, which was not allowing the Macbook to produce the PM_SLP_S4_L signal that is required to create PP3V42_G3H which in turn controls the SMC (System Management Controller). The faulty component was replaced and now the Macbook is back to its normal self, at our flat rate of £99.

Failed LCD Backlight Macbook Air 2017 A1466 Logic Board (820-00165)
Here we have a Macbook Air which has one of the most common logic board issues known to us. Everything seems to be operational (fan, charging light, sound) but there is no display. Looking carefully in direct sunlight, or shining a torch through the apple logo on the lid shows the display is in fact working, however there is no backlight LED which is required to see the display itself. This is because there is a failure on the backlight circuit on the Logic Board. A quick google search will indicate that the problem is with the display itself or the backlight fuse, however this is not necessarily the case. Past experience states that the problem can be anywhere on the circuit. After some testing using a Multimeter and inspection we have identified the Feedback Trace located on position A5 of the LP8550 is damaged. We rewired the position directly to the diode using micro jumpers and insulated it using solder mask that cures using UV. The display is back to normal at the fraction of the cost at just £89.

Dead No Power Macbook Pro 2015 A1502 Logic Board (820-4924)
This Macbook Pro arrived in a dead state. It had never been taken apart and the client claimed they have always taken extra care of the Macbook and it has suddenly died. The orange/green light does not come on when the charger is plugged in. The local Apple Store advised the customer the logic board has failed and a replacement will cost over £700. There was no signs of damage on the board at all when inspecting it, the Macbook was in immaculate condition. We started testing all of the Power Rails responsible for power. Then we discovered that PP3V3_S5 was 2.4v, it should read 3.3v the line was shorting and using a thermal imaging camera we was able to identify U7501 namely TPS51980A was pulling the voltage down. Replacing it by the use of our micro-soldering tools, we fixed the problem and the Macbook was back in its former glory for £149, saving our client over £550!

So, you have a Macbook that has just died on you and Apple do not offer to repair it or quote you some crazy price, fear not, Advanced Repair are here to put your mind at ease!