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Advanced Repair is a UK Based Amazon Kindle USB Repair Centre based in West Yorkshire.

We specialise in repairing and replacing Micro USB Sockets & Connectors on all Kindle devices.

We repair every single Kindle device on the market as we can acquire any component direct from manufacturers.

If your Kindle has stopped charging or powering via Micro USB, we have the ability to repair it, and offer a full warranty to ensure the problem does not happen again in the future.

The main reason for Kindle USB Socket failure is physical damage. This is due to force being applied when inserting the cable, wrong orientation or excessive wear to the port over time. Sometimes the port can feel loose when the cable is inserted, and other times the cable might not be able to connect all the way into the port due to damage to the internal pins or foreign objects intruding the contact area.

We are able to fault find and diagnose using specialist equipment to pin point the exact problem causing the port to fail. This means we can replace the faulty or failed Micro USB connector with the use of micro soldering and then test the Kindle to ensure the fault has been rectified and the device is charging and powering up again.

Please click on the link below to make an enquiry regarding your Kindle USB Port, we aim to respond at the soonest opportunity;