Do you delete the data and information stored on the device?
No, you will not lose any information as we do not reset the device for this type of repair, all data will remain as it is.

Can i drop my device off instead of posting it to your company?
Yes, simply place the order and contact us via phone or email to arrange and schedule a drop-off.

How experienced is your company in repairing my device?
We have been repairing devices for over 20 years, our highly skilled technicians are some of the best in the country.

How fast can you repair my device and have it back in my hands?
We can repair your device and post it back out usually within 2 working days from receiving it.

Do i have a warranty with the repair? What if it fails again?
Yes we offer a full warranty for the repair we carry out. If it ever fails again which is extremely rare, we fix it for free.

What if your company cannot fix my device?
If we for whatever reason are unable to fix your device, we simply offer you a full refund less postage costs and post it back to you in the same condition as it arrived.