Macbook Air A1466 Logic Board Backlight Repair


Express Mail-In Repair Service For Your MacBook Air A1466 Logic Board Backlight

If your MacBook Air A1466 model backlight has stopped working and you can only see an extremely dim image on the display, you have found the most reliable place to get your MacBook repaired in an efficient and simple way.

One of the most common failures with this MacBook Air A1466 Model is that the LCD display backlight circuit on the Logic Board can fail. This means that the MacBook will chime when powered on, however it will be near impossible to see the display as the backlight LEDs are not functioning. To test that your problem is in fact with the backlight, power the MacBook on and shine a light through the Apple logo on the lid, you should be able to see the image with your torch or light being shone on the display.

There are a number of reasons as to why the backlight may fail on your MacBook such as liquid damage, moisture damage, corrosion, IC failure, blown fuse, shorting power rails or even a broken trace.

We like to keep things as clear and simple as possible for our clients so we have a fixed price service for any backlight issue with the logic board. Once repaired, we will guarantee the MacBook's Backlight circuit is working perfectly and the display on your MacBook will work again. Best of all, we repair it and post it back to you within only 1-2 working days! That's right, it will be back in a fully working condition before you know it. Finally, all of our repairs are fully backed with our warranty, in the unlikely event that it fails again we fix it for free!

Please note, we require the complete MacBook fully assembled for testing and warranty purposes. We do not need the charger or any additional accessories for the repair process.

Simply order this repair service and post your device from anywhere in the UK in a few easy steps:

1. Place the order by ‘Add to Basket’ and pay for this service

2. Post the MacBook by following the instructions in the confirmation email once the order is placed

3. We will repair, test and dispatch the MacBook back to you within a few working days

All of our repair services are backed with a full warranty. In the unlikely event that this does not fix your MacBook, we refund you minus £15 (postage and admin costs) and post it back.

If you would like more information about this online repair service or any other service we offer for your MacBook, please feel free to get in touch by calling us or sending a quick email. We aim to respond to all enquiries at the soonest opportunity.

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Fast and Easy

A quick painless service. Thank you very much.

Sam Pate | Bathgate, Scotland | September 2022

Macbook Air A1466 logic board backlight repair

What a brilliant service! I am writing this on my repaired MacBook. It had got wet and the backlight had stopped working. The service is really designed for items to be posted in as they usually take a few days to turn around, I opted to book a walk in appointment, so that I did not have to pay online. Don't be put off by the closed shutters when you arrive, they ask you to let them know when you are outside and you are welcomed in. My experience is that the people there that I dealt with were very friendly and helpful, whether when talking beforehand by email or there in person. This unlike so many businesses which are online only and can be very unfriendly. My MacBook is back with me, working again, all at a very fair price. This is a business I would use again and will be recommending to my customers whose Macs need a hardware repair that I cannot do myself. Thank you!

Bill Baxter | Oxford | March 2022

Fast Macbook Repair

Posted Friday lunchtime for repair to backlight on Macbook Air. Received back on Monday morning repaired. You cannot expect better than that. All seems well and the Wife can now continue using the laptop, this was £100 cheaper than another quote! Thank you.

Brian Davies | York | October 2021