Advanced Repair offer MacBook Pro Backlight Repairs to customers based anywhere in the UK.

We are offering a fixed price repair service to fix any display backlight issue for any MacBook Pro model from 2011-2015. This includes the 13″ A1502 and A1278 models as well as the 15″ A1398 and A1286 models.

Use our Mail-In repair service to send your MacBook Pro to our tailor made laboratory, where one of our trained MacBook Engineers will carry out the repair within 48 hours. We have a 100% success rate on this type of repair to date – as we are able to rebuild the entire backlight circuit. This means regardless of what is causing the problem, we can offer a repair solution.

Once the MacBook Pro Backlight has been repaired and tested working, it will be dispatched back to you via Royal Mail Signed & Tracked you also have the option to select Special Delivery at the checkout which is a next day guaranteed postal service.

To confirm the problem with your MacBook Pro display is in fact ‘backlight failure’, you can shine a torch directly onto the display, or through the Apple logo from the outside lid and then power the MacBook on. You will be able to see a very faint apple logo if you look carefully in the centre of the screen as the device powers up. The MacBook should also chime when powered on, and the CAPS LOCK key should light up green when pressed. The MacBook should also work fine when connected to an external display/monitor.

The reason behind a failed MacBook Pro Backlight can range from around 10 possible causes. Due to our experience and expertise, we have a solution for every possible cause and we offer a fixed price repair regardless of the problem or number of underlying causes.

Sometimes the Backlight IC fails on the Logic Board. This is the main LED Driver that controls the backlight function. It is the brain of the entire backlight circuit. This is a BGA IC that can be replaced by the use of Micro-Soldering.

More often, liquid damage is the cause and corrodes certain areas of the backlight circuit on the Logic Board. This will need treating first and then SMD components such as resistors, capacitors and fuses that have failed must be replaced. Occasionally the feedback trace on the circuit is damaged by moisture corrosion next to the diode (it is located on the edge of the board) this is a design flaw as this area is subject to moisture corrosion.

Sometimes the backlight line is short circuited due to a faulty capacitor or power rail – this needs tracing and rectifying in order to get the backlight to function. We have found that on many occasions, the resistors on the circuit fail and this results in backlight failure as there is not enough resistance between two points of the circuit.

More commonly we find damaged or failed transistors that do not allow the power at the source to go though the gate at continue down the circuit to the display itself. Sometimes the diode on the circuit fails to boost the voltage from 12v to 40-50v which can also cause the backlight to fail to work.

As mentioned previously, regardless of the issue with your MacBook Pro, we will have the backlight fully repaired at the fixed price service.

In the extremely unlikely event, it is not repairable for any reason we offer a full refund minus return postage costs and post the MacBook back to you in exactly the same condition it arrived in.

Please use the link below to purchase the MacBook Pro backlight repair service:
MacBook Pro Backlight Repair UK

If you have any questions regarding the repair service or other queries regarding other repairs for MacBooks, simply fill out the contact form below and one of our engineers will contact you at the soonest opportunity.