Advanced Repair have created a tailor made laboratory in order to work alongside some of the largest world renowned establishments who are at the forefront of research and development into Molecular Electronics.

Molecular Electronics is a branch of Nanotechnology that uses single molecules or nanoscale collections of molecules as electronic components with the idea of utilising electronic applications at a molecular level.

Because single molecules constitute the smallest stable structures possible, this miniaturisation is the ultimate goal for shrinking electrical circuits.

Molecular Electronics provides a potential means to extend Moore’s Law beyond the foreseen limits of small-scale conventional silicon integrated circuits that are found in modern day electronic devices.

This is a very exciting time for us to be able to aid in the inevitable revolution in the electronics industry as we once knew it. We are focusing on teaming up with more UK based researchers, developers and testers in the Molecular Electronics industry. If you feel you can contribute or share a similar passion in this field please contact us with your details in the hope that we can work together to offer unique solutions to the world.