Macbook Pro A1278 Dead Logic Board (820-3115) Repair Service


If your MacBook has stopped working altogether and is completely dead for no reason in particular, you have found the most reliable place to get your Macbook repaired in an efficient and simple way.

One of the most common failures with this MacBook Pro A1278 is that the Logic Board will just die, meaning the Macbook will not show any signs of life or even charge. This is usually due to moisture, or liquid corrosion or failed parts such as IC’s, resistors, capacitors or other surface mounted components.

Sometimes the green light may appear on the MagSafe Charger, occasionally on some MacBooks, it turns orange, however it will not allow the Macbook to power on regardless of how long it is left connected. We offer a fast solution to get your device repaired in a fraction of the time and cost from other repair centres.

Sometimes data is important to you, rest assured using this service we do not remove any user data or information so all of your data is safe.

We have a team of specialist MacBook engineers who are very experienced in working on MacBook Logic Boards. We have been repairing MacBooks for over 15 years and are capable of performing many repairs that others deem as ‘Not Repairable’ or ‘Beyond Economic Repair’. We use all of the latest tools and equipment as well as unique software in aiding us to diagnose and troubleshoot problems with the Logic Board.

We like to keep things as clear and simple as possible for our clients so we have a fixed price service for any no power/dead logic board issue. Once repaired, we will guarantee the MacBook will power on, and function again. Best of all, we repair it and post it back to you within only 3-5 working days! That’s right, it will be back in a fully working condition before you know it. Finally, all of our repairs are fully backed with our warranty, in the unlikely event that it fails again due to the same fault we fix it for free!

Please note we require the complete MacBook fully assembled for testing and warranty purposes. We only need the MacBook itself, no additional accessories or chargers please. If the MacBook has ever been disassembled or any previous repair attempts have been made to your knowledge, we would like you to inform us via email prior to purchasing this repair service to get our authorisation to buy this service, as we reserve the right to decline the repair if it has already been tampered with. This does not mean we cannot repair a MacBook that has been inspected elsewhere, however we like to know in advance so there are no issues moving forward.

Simply order this repair service and post your device from anywhere in the UK in a few easy steps:

1. Place the order by ‘Add to Basket’ and pay for this service

2. Post the MacBook by following the instructions in the confirmation email once the order is placed

3. We will repair, test and dispatch the MacBook back to you within a few working days


All of our repair services are backed with a full warranty. In the unlikely event that this does not fix your MacBook, we refund you minus £15 postage and admin costs and post it back.

If you would like more information about this online repair service or any other service we offer for your MacBook, please feel free to get in touch by calling us or sending a quick email. We aim to respond to all enquiries at the soonest opportunity.


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