Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Liquid Damaged Dead Data Recovery Service


If your phone has stopped working altogether and is completely dead for whatever reason, you have found the most reliable place to get your data recovered in an efficient and simple way.

One of the most common failures with Samsung Galaxy Smartphones is that they will just die and not even charge or show any signs of life. Sometimes this is a cause of liquid damage or bring heavily dropped or being involved in an accident.  Samsung, the manufacturers of this device may offer to inspect the device if it is within its warranty period – however they will wipe your phone in the process which means all of your important data is lost. We offer a fast solution to get your device’s data recovered.

Please note we require your passcode, or passcode pattern lock in order to retrieve the data.

We only offer to recover the data from the dead/faulty device, we do not offer to fix it to a fully working condition.

Please mention clearly on a sheet of paper what type of data you are looking to recover from the device.

If we are unable to recover the data for whatever reason, we will refund you fully minus a £20 admin fee.


Simply order this repair service and post your device from anywhere in the UK in a few easy steps:

1. Place the order by ‘Add to Basket’ and pay for this service

2. Post the device by following the instructions in the confirmation email once the order is placed

3. We will start the data recovery process which can take around 1-2 weeks.


If you would like more information about this online data recovery service or any other service we offer for your device, please feel free to get in touch by calling us or sending a quick email. We aim to respond to all enquiries at the soonest opportunity.


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