PS5 HDMI Port Repair


Express Mail-In Repair Service For PS5 HDMI Port

If your PS5 (Sony PlayStation 5) has stopped communicating with the TV/Monitor via HDMI, you have found the most reliable place to get your HDMI port repaired on your PS5 in an efficient and simple way from the comfort of your own home.

One of the most common failures with the Sony PlayStation 5 is the connection between the HDMI socket and the circuit board breaks. In most instances the PlayStation will just fail to display altogether and act as though it is not plugged in. Sometimes the HDMI port does not physically look damaged to the eye when looking at it, this is because it is internally damaged.

We like to keep things as clear and simple as possible for our clients so we have a fixed price service for any HDMI port issue. Once repaired, we will guarantee the PlayStation 5 will communicate with the display and show an image on screen. Best of all, we repair it and post it back to you within only 1-2 working days! That's right, it will be back in a fully working condition before you know it. Finally, all of our repairs are fully backed with our warranty, in the unlikely event that it fails again we fix it for free!

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Simply order this repair service and post your device from anywhere in the UK in a few easy steps:

1. Place the order by ‘Add to Basket’ and pay for this service

2. Post the device by following the instructions in the confirmation email once the order is placed

3. We will repair, test and dispatch the device back to you within a few working days

All of our repair services are backed with a full warranty. In the unlikely event that this does not fix your device, we refund you (minus postage) and post it back.

If you would like more information about this online repair service or any other service we offer for your device, please feel free to get in touch by calling us or sending a quick email. We aim to respond to all enquiries at the soonest opportunity.

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Amazing service

Really quick and efficient

Jen Wood | Hertfordshire | October 2023

HDMI port repair

My PS5 had a dodgy HDMI port, I don't know how it became faulty as since I had it on it's release day it's been sat in the same spot, I can't remember changing leads that often, I've never dropped it or tugged on the lead. Anyway it seems it's a common problem. I kept losing the picture and having to fiddle around with the lead at the back until it just got too bad.

My friend sent me a link to Advanced Repair, I looked at a few other websites then came here to see if there were any reviews and there were, good ones.

So I sent my PS5 off on a Friday, it was delivered about 4.30pm Monday, the Advanced Repair website acknowledged receiving it on Tuesday by classifying it as 'Processing repair', I didn't hear anything Wednesday, then Thursday I receive a PayPal invoice saying the work is complete. I paid immediately and received my PS5 back about 12.45pm Friday.

When I first plugged it in and turned it on a black screen came up with some generic message about turning the machine off properly or something but the picture was fuzzy with red 'sparkles' all over the place, then the picture went completely. My heart sank and I just thought "Oh no....!!!".

I grabbed my bottle of WD-40 Contact Cleaner and sprayed the port and the end of the lead... and everything came back!! I was so overjoyed!! I now had a blue screen admonishing me about turning the machine off properly and rebuilding the database or something to that effect. In any case it wasn't long before everything was back to normal.

I was going to deduct a star for poor communication, it would have been nice if someone had emailed and said "we've got it, it is indeed the HDMI port, we're on the case", and maybe even sent some photo's of the workmanship. But then I thought that's unfair, they did what they said they were going to do and I now have my PS5 back in full working order.

Charlie Sutherland | Glasbury | October 2023

Hdmi Port Fixed By The Best And Cheapest In The Uk

Hdmi Port Fixed By The Best And Cheapest In The Uk

Abidkhan | Bradford | July 2023

Very efficient very good service

Very fast service

FIONA Lamb | Morecambe | July 2023

Rapid turnaround

Amazing service,

I posted my sons PS5 on Wednesday, by 3:30 on Thursday afternoon I had an email saying the repair was complete and the package was on its way back. Arrived Monday morning, sorted! and I have a happy teenager again.

Thanks again guys


Wayne | Midlands | March 2023

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