Use our Mail-In PS5 HDMI Port repair service to fix the display/video problem with your Playstation 5 in an efficient and simple way. We will quickly repair your PS5 using a genuine new HDMI port connector and replace the old broken one by soldering it onto the motherboard, then post it back to you tracked and signed for. This will solve the damaged PS5 HDMI socket issue. All of our repairs are warranted for 1 year.

If you have accidentally damaged the HDMI port connector on your PS5, this means you will not be able to get it to connect to the TV or Monitor. The HDMI port on the PS5 is easily damaged if the HDMI Cable is inserted in an incorrect manner or forced in at an angle. Sometimes clients insert the cable the wrong way round which can also damage the HDMI port. At times if the HDMI cable is pulled or forced out of the PS5, this can also damage the port.

Most of the time, it is clear that the port is damaged as there are 19 pins inside and some of them are bent out of shape or the inner tongue has collapsed, however very occasionally, sometimes the port looks fine to the eye but it is still defective. This is because the port is damaged from the other side where it connects to the motherboard. This cannot be seen unless the PS5 is stripped down and inspected under a microscope.

Regardless of which part of the HDMI port is damaged, we fix it for a fixed price and do not charge any extra if the repair requires more work such as damaged solder traces on the board. We have 20 years experience specialising on Motherboard repairs for all types of electronics and consoles, so rest assured your PS5 is in safe hands. If you wish to hand deliver the PS5 console to our custom made laboratory this is also possible, simply contact us to arrange to book an appointment. Repairs are usually completed within a few working days.

If, in the unlikely event, for whatever reason it cannot be repaired, we will offer a full refund minus the cost of return postage and post it back to you.

Simply click on the link below to book your repair for your PS5 HDMI port;

PS5 (Playstation 5) HDMI Port Repair Service UK