The RAZER Phone (RZ35-​0215) which was introduced to us in 2017 has been an exceptional gaming phone with the ability to outperform its rivals with both technology and features. However there is a major flaw with its USB Type-C Charging Port Connector which is easily damaged and not so easily repaired.

The issue with this RAZER Phone is that the bad design of the lower USB Board means the port is easily damaged from its contacts that secures it. This in turn stops allowing communication between the charger cable and the phone itself. Sometimes the USB Socket does not even look damaged, this is because the damage is internal and on the board side as opposed to the cable side of the connection.

If you have a dead RAZER Phone that is not powering up or charging, the likelihood is that the USB connection is damaged, and once repaired it will work perfectly again.

As it stands, as of March 2021, there is still no RAZER service centre in the UK and customer support from RAZER via the official website lacks integrity and efficiency. This means that if a RAZER customer asks customer support to help with the charging problem, they charge a ridiculous inspection fee and turnaround times due to having to ship the device to a different country for a start – and in most cases return it back to the customer un-repaired and deem the device ‘Beyond Economic Repair’. This is because of two reasons, firstly they do not have the facilities in the UK to perform inspections and repairs, secondly because the parts required are not even available, not even to service centres or RAZER themselves.

Luckily we have managed to source the unique parts required to perform this repair, and have plenty of stock to service our clients’ needs. We also have a state of the art workshop to carry out this repair. We use a more robust USB Type-C design port, which means it is more secure and reduces the likelihood of breaking again by 700%. This means the repair should last a lifetime of use (we offer a full 1 year warranty on all repair services).

As far as we are aware, we are the only service centre in the UK, if not the world that is offering to repair the problem with charging on this RAZER Phone.

We offer a Mail-In Repair Service for anybody in the UK to use (unfortunately we do not offer our services to clients outside of the UK due to logistical restrictions and reasons).

Simply click on the link below to order the service and if you have any questions or queries beforehand, you can email or call us to speak to an expert technician.

RAZER Phone USB Charging Port Repair Service UK