We repair all types and variants of the USB-C socket in the majority of devices on sale today. The USB-C connection is becoming a very familiar part of our lives and it is taking over most hand held devices and gadgets in todays world. This USB Type-C connector is a 24 pin reversible port used for both data transfer and charging, however it can eventually fail or get damaged over time and continuous use. This is a common issue that most people will unfortunately experience with some device whether it be a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Manufacturers of major brands such as Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, Asus, Dell, Motorola, Sony and Xiaomi will often decline such an issue under warranty as it is classed as ‘user damage’ which leaves a lot of people in a costly position to purchase a new device unless some insurance is in place.

The flawed design of the USB Type-C Port on many devices results in the lack of ability to charge the device. In many cases the device will just act dead and not accept charge at all and in other instances the only way to charge the device is to hold the cable in a specific angle and keep it in that position. Sometimes the pins inside the socket connection get damaged by inserting the cable in using force or at an angle.

Advanced Repair offer the most simple, straight forward way in getting your device back up and running again at an affordable price starting at just £50 and anybody in the UK can use our service! All of your data and information on the device will remain and is not wiped during the repair process. We have a custom made laboratory where the repair process is carried out using specialist equipment performed by electronics engineers and technicians. We use a more robust type of method to micro-solder a new connector inside the device so it will not fail again unduly in the future and all repairs are backed with a full warranty for peace of mind.

By offering our mail-in repair service, you can arrange the repair from the comfort of your own home. Simply enquire about the repair service by filling out the form below so we can direct you to the correct repair service on the website. Once the order is placed, you can arrange to post the device to our repair centre by following the instructions in the confirmation email. Then leave the rest to us – we turn the repair around within 2 working days and it is dispatched back to you via Royal Mail Tracked & Signed Postage, we also test it before posting it back to ensure the fault is repaired to our exceptionally high standards.

If you have any questions regarding repairs to your USB-C connection, simply contact us via email or phone or fill out the form below and we will get back to you at the soonest opportunity.